Commander: Walter Lavender

Vice Commander: John Meredith

Flotilla 14-1

Amelia Island

Fernandina Beach, Florida


US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 14-1 is active patrolling the waters of Amelia Island and Southeast Georgia.

  Please check our meeting calendar and join us at the next meeting. 

We are committed to Supporting the US Coast Guard and Boating Safety

                            STAFF MEETINGS: Last Thursday of each month, 7:00 PM at the Amelia Island Lighthouse Cottage.
                            MEMBER MEETINGS: First Thursday of each month, 7:00 PM at the Amelia Island Lighthouse Cottage

Welcome to the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 14-1 website.
  Presented here is information which will help promote recreational boating safety along the North Florida and South Georgia coastal region. Our CGAUX Flotilla 14-1 along with our St. Marys Detachment conduct safety patrols in our area:  the IntraCoastal Waterway from Crooked River, north of Kings Bay Submarine Base, to Nassau Sound south of Amelia Island, and Cumberland Sound from the jetty to the city of St Mary's, GA.

     In a Congressional Act of September 30, 1944,  the Auxiliary  received its purpose as follows:

PURPOSE OF THE AUXILIARY:    "The primary purpose of the establishment of the Coast Guard Auxiliary was to indoctrinate all owners and operators of small craft in safety requirements in the operation and navigation of small craft. A secondary purpose of the institution of the Coast Guard Auxiliary was to utilize the Auxiliary craft and personnel, after suitable training and indoctrination in carrying out certain duties of the Coast Guard with particular inference to those concerned with the safety of navigation. "

     Since its inception the Auxiliary "assists the Coast Guard as authorized by the Commandant in performing any Coast Guard function, mission or operation authorized by law," except any law enforcement.  In order to carryout this mission, the USCG Auxiliary now has four quality cornerstones.  These cornerstones include:

٠Recreational Boating Safety
٠Operations and Marine Safety
٠Personnel and Member Services
٠Socials and Fellowship
     If you find the information included here of interest and would like to become a member of our quality CGAUX Flotilla 14-1 team, please contact us.  Please click on “Become a Member" and you will be directed to a contact person who will assist you. 

     Thanks for visiting our website and we hope with your help we can promote safe boating in our area.

Semper Paratus,


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