Commander: Pete Pelar

Vice Commander: Diane Pollock

Flotilla 14-1

Amelia Island

Fernandina Beach, Florida

Amelia Island Lighthouse.


Welcome general public and Flotilla members
Flotilla members are your neighbors and friends from northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. We have great satisfaction and fun working for boating safety. Our activities include teaching boating safety, conducting free safety checks of boats and patrolling the local water around Amelia and Cumberland Islands to help boaters in trouble. Please come and join us. If you enjoy boating and can spare a few hours a month, we know you too will get satisfaction performing this public service.

Where are we:Amelia Island Lighthouse.

Our Flotilla is based in Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Florida with a Detachment based in St Marys, Georgia. The Intracoastal waterways and rivers that surround Amelia Island, Florida, St. Mary's and Cumberland Island, Georgia, to Jekyll Island, Georgia are home for Flotilla 14-1. With over 50+ miles of waterways to patrol, we are on call and available to assist boaters in distress 24 hours per day, as deemed necessary by U.S. Coast Guard Group, Mayport, Florida. Almost every weekend of the year at least one or more of our vessels are on the Intracoastal and neighboring waterways.  (map)

What We do:

Public Education: In school systems around the area, the Coast Guard Auxiliary educates school age children on Boating Safety. Two primary courses taught are "Water 'n Kids" and "Boats 'n Kids". The most popular course taught by the Auxiliary, is the Safe Boating Course. This course is from six to thirteen sessions in length. In many states, this course is required for younger boaters. In some instances, may allow for a discount on marine insurance.


Courtesy Marine Exams: The Federal and State Governments have established requirements for various safety equipment on waterborne vessels. This equipment varies, depending on the type and size of the vessel. The Coast Guard Auxiliary provides FREE examinations for any privately owned vessel under 65' in length. This exam is to determine whether the vessel meets the minimum legal requirements for safety equipment. Vessels that pass this exam are awarded a "VSC" decal good for that calendar year. Any vessel owner that does not pass this exam is given educational information discussing what is required to bring his vessel up to legal requirements.


Blue line


Blue line

Search and Rescue: Many times each day, recreational boaters need assistance for one reason or another. Most of the time, a "Good Samaritan" (fellow boater), or local tow service is all that is needed, and the boater is back underway, or towed back to the dock. Other times, severe weather, fire, collision, sinking, or other major problems may occur that will leave boaters in need of greater assistance. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is an organization of trained volunteers who are available to assist boaters in almost any situation.

Fellowship: Flotilla 14-1 is made up of over 90 members. We meet monthly for training and planning. Each month we also have a 'social', where each member and their families gather together for fun and friendship.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessels:

When on patrol, each vessel, owned and operated by Auxiliary members, is considered a Operational Facility, fully protected by U.S. Coast Guard. The vessels we operate are inspected annually, and before each patrol. The "Operational Facilities" must meet a minimum standard of equipment, well above what is required for the recreational boater. Each facility has a crew of at least 2 fully trained and qualified persons onboard. Also, each vessel carries on it first aid, safety, and towing equipment to assist boaters in distress, during daytime and night time. Each facility is appropriately marked with:

  • 'Patrol Boards' on each side
  • 'Patrol Ensign' forward
  • U.S. Flag
  • Operational Facility sticker on the port ( left) side of the vessel:
      Operationa Facility Sticker.

Missions Flotilla 14-1 has been called upon for assistance:

  • Search for boaters missing and haven't returned home at scheduled time
  • Boats run aground on St. Mary's Jetty wall in danger of capsizing
  • Recreational vessels unable to return to dock under their own power
  • Overturned vessels
  • Missing persons fallen out of vessel
  • Boats taking on water
  • Vessel crossed jetty wall, causing major damage and vessel sinks
  • Aircraft crash
  • Olympic sailing events in Savannah, Ga.
  • Offshore/inshore boating races and regattas
  • Damage to bridge from collision
  • Inspect channel markers, buoys, day boards, etc.



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